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I. Night market in Halong Bay:

Situated on the beautiful coastline of Bai Chay, the top is an international amusement park Royal, under the old ferry, Bai Chay bridge spanning a river to Cua Luc downtown, Ha long Night Market is open from 6 pm pm until midnight.
Every summer for the tourists with attractive colors bring vibrant color is Ha long, Halong night market becomes an address can not be ignored when this beautiful coastal city.
Located in the resort Royal-Bai Chay, Ha long Night Market is a place of exciting guests after a day of walking, bathing at Bai Chay delight, eat seafood at The Dam, Hon Gai, which night market opportunity to choose souvenirs to bring home.
Halong night market of over a hundred stalls selling souvenirs at most, cosmetic art crafts, jewelry, and no shortage of swimsuit, backpacks, hats nan, to handbags glitter pearl
Souvenirs that visitors at night markets or choose Halong is the gift of sea flavor. The lovely key chain, the chain line from sea shells, beautiful boats, t-shirts in the sea of ​​Halong, Tuan Chau.
Foreign tourists to Halong night market largely Asian client, Thailand, China. A few from the U.S., Dutch, French …
Vendor warm, speak English fluently, visitors to the night market is not afraid to bargain, spoiled styling, photography fun.

II. Vietnam Tourism Sites:

Vietnam is a nation of survivors who have countered a history of war, colonialism and communism with hard work, determination and optimism. As the country continues progressing by integrating capitalism, it counts on tourism as an important economic asset. In addition to its rich culture and history, Vietnam also has a unique landscape that changes dramatically from north to south.


Visiting the demilitarized zone (DMZ) is an essential trip for history buffs. From 1954 to 1975, the Ben Hai River divided the nation into the Republic of Vietnam in the south and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the north. The 3.1-mile area on both sides of the river was the DMZ. Companies based in Hue offer bus tours of the DMZ with a knowledgeable, English-speaking guide. The tour includes a visit to the Khe Sanh Combat Base, a Marine outpost that serves as a reminder of one of the most controversial and bloodiest battle sites.


The quaint river town of Hoi An is the cultural heartbeat of Vietnam. Many tourists visit for the bargains on tailor-made suits, but the real charm is in the buildings. Influenced by the Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese communities, the small buildings have colorful wooden doors and round windows with ornate details. Historical preservation is eminent and reflected in the celebration that takes place every month during the full moon, when motorbikes are banned from the Old Town and glowing silk lanterns line the street.


Hue might be well-known for the grand beauty in its architecture, pagodas and palaces, but the city is particularly noted for the cuisine created during the Nguyen dynasty. Meals are complex, with exotic ingredients like sweet lotus seeds and meats steamed in banana leaves. Dishes also are elaborate in presentation and often served with decorative white and red flowers. Many dishes are accompanied by dipping sauces specific to the dish.

Nature and Ethnic Minorities

Trips to the northern, mountainous city of Sapa are booked through organized tour companies in Hanoi. Sapa is home to many of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities, including the Hmong and Yao people. Tourists choose from one- to four-day tours, which include an opportunity to sleep at a home-stay with a local family. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994, Halong Bay consists of more than 3,000 islands rising from the Gulf of Tonkin. Visitors travel on a junk-boat cruise with a stop at Cat Ba National Park.


Many popular tourists’ sites are easily accessible without a guide. Lonely Planet and Rough Guide travel books offer detailed information on admission fees and hours of operation. Reputable tour companies that offer organized tours also are listed. Prices vary, but most operators will negotiate. English-speaking tour guides are insightful and professional college students. You also can hire a motorbike driver for an afternoon, but agree on the rate prior to the trip and pay at the end.

About the Author
LH Lee spent two years backpacking from 2007 to 2009. Since her return in 2009, she has contributed various travel articles to Off Track Planet and Matador. Lee holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in screenwriting from the School of Visual Arts and is a recipient of The Media Workshop from UCLA.

III. Halong Bay Cruises – Questions about cruises in Halong Bay, Vietnam:

You may see videos, pictures, and stories about Halong Bay, Vietnam and are thinking about Halong Bay for your next vacation. Here, I will answer briefly the most popular questions about Halong Bay cruises , especially for the first time visitors to Halong Bay. The questions and answers will be updated always so please come back to check for the updated questions and answers.

You can contact me if you do not find the answer for your questions here!

1. Where is Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is located in the Northeast of Vietnam, 168km from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

2. Why I should visit Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is the true wonder and a natural heritage site which is recognized by UNESCO with thousands of islets rising from the emerald water.

3. How can I get Halong Bay?

From Hanoi, you can take helicopter charter, car, bus, or taxi. The most popular transportation is bus.

4. How long does it take from Hanoi to Halong Bay by bus?

It takes 3 and a half hour

5. What are the most luxury cruises in Halong Bay?

Some luxury Halong Bay cruises are the Bhaya cruise, Emeraude cruise, Emotion cruise, Paloma cruise, Paradise cruise, Victory Star cruise, Violet cruise.

6. What are the budget but nice cruises in Halong Bay?

I can name some such as the Calypso cruise, Dragon’s pearl cruise, Glory cruise, Oriental Sails, and Phoenix cruise.

7. I don’t want crowded cruise, I want a small cruise with around 10 guests on the cruise, what are they?

You can check out the Valentine cruise (5 cabins), Violet cruise (6 cabins), Red Dragon cruise (5 cabins).

8. Is there any private cruise that I can charter?

You can check out the Bhaya Legend cruise, Princess cruise, Paradise privilege cruise, Prince 1 cruise, Paloma Family cruise.

9. Is there any cruise which has off the beaten itinerary?

Yes, you can check Dragon’s Pearl cruise, Princess cruise, Prince cruise, Lagoon explorer cruise, or Red Dragon cruise because these cruises go to Bai Tu Long Bay.

IV: What if your Halong Bay cruise is canceled in the last minutes?

You’ve got a good deal and now are dreaming about an interesting trip with beautiful cabin, delicious food, friendly staff waiting for you in Halong Bay, Vietnam. You’ll be relaxing on the sundeck while the boat cruises around the rising islands in the fresh air and quiet atmosphere.

Your dream smells when you arrive at the dock and the local authority announces that all cruises are canceled due to the weather conditions while it is still sunny! Is this a joke? you may think. But it happens quite often to the cruises in Halong Bay, a world heritage site in Vietnam, epecially during the summer time from May to August.

So what will you do? If this is the first time you come to Vietnam, you may be down from the heaven to the hell as it takes 3 hours and a half by bus from Hanoi to Halong Bay already and it will take that time to return Hanoi again.

You cannot do anything about this, but you’ll feel better if you think about this situation before you go. When it happens, you can consider the following options:

- Contact your cruise’s operator, tour guide or your booking travel agent to check if your money will return to your pocket. Normally, it will be back to you in full if you book reputable cruises such as the Red dragon cruise, Oriental sails, Emotion cruise… But in some cases, the cruise or travel agent can ask you for a little support by paying the bus trip or booking fee which is just a small money since the situation is out of their hand.

- Stay overnight at a hotel in Halong City then book a day trip to visit Halong Bay in the next day. This will be a good choice if the weather seems to be better in the coming day. All hotels in Halong Bay can help you with the booking. You should check some recommended hotels before you go!

- Ask the cruise or travel agent if they have any alternatives. There are some other places near Hanoi that you can visit in one day such as Tam Coc – Bich Dong in Ninh Binh which is considered “Halong Bay on land”, or Perfume Pagoda which is also a beautiful place.

- Return Hanoi and enjoy another night in Hanoi. Although many people don’t like Hanoi but if you just try a little bit with help from hotel receptionist or local people, you may find something interesting such as a cyclo tour through 36 streets in the old quarter of Hanoi, a water puppet show at Thang Long theatre or just a cup of famous Vietnamese coffee at a cozy restaurant to enjoy the daily life with local people.

No mater what alternative you can come up with, just prepare your mind before you get in the car and enjoy your trip!

V: Plan your family travel to Halong Bay with kids:

If you visit Vietnam be sure to travel to Halong Bay with your children. It is stunning. The bay is filled with hundreds of limestone karsts and isles. My kids had a great time looking for different shaped karsts. Many have been named such as elephant or fighting cock because of their shape.

The legend of Halong Bay is fascinating for children as well. It is said that when Vietnam was fighting foreign invaders, the gods sent a family of dragons to protect the Vietnamese. The dragons spit jewels and jades which upon hitting the bay were turned into the islands. These islands joined together to create a wall which stopped the invaders. This land became Vietnam and the dragons loved it so much they decided to stay on Earth and live here. Ha long means descending dragon.

A cruise on board one of the junks is a wonderful experience with kids. Most junks offer 2 or 3 day itineraries with lots ofactivities. Meals are generally included with lots of fresh seafood. Let the tour operator know if your family is not big onseafood and they will cook up some chicken dishes too. Some tours do not include drinks and must be purchased separately. Many tours will include transportation from Hanoi (approximately 3.5 hours).

There are lots of activities included in the tours. Most itineraries will include a stop at one of the caves and at one of the beaches. If you are visiting Halong Bay with toddlers or small children you will need to be careful as there can be lots of steep steps to enter the caves.

Kayaking is offered by several junks however this is better suited for older children. A sunrise tai chi lesson is also an interesting activity for the kids. Evening fishing for squid is another of the fun things to do in Halong Bay with kids. You may also get to visit a fishing village or see the monkeys playing on the rocks.

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and water shoes if you plan to do any swimming on your tour. Also remember to pack your mini medical kit. I left mine at the hotel in Hanoi and of course my oldest daughter woke up with a bad stomach. There aren’t any pharmacies in the middle of Ha Long Bay (lol) so we made do with some boiled ginger tea and some tylenol.

Halong Bay should be high on your list of places to travel to in Vietnam with kids. It was definitely my family’s favorite part of visiting Vietnam. The beauty of this place is truly amazing-it is one of the most beautiful landscapes that I have seen. It is also a nice escape from the chaos of Hanoi.

The Best Junks For Kids When You Travel To Halong Bay

***You will need to find a junk that is suitable for children when you travel to Halong Bay.***

Hailong Junks offers great value for families traveling to Vietnam. They have 1 or 2 night tours with kids under 6 staying free of charge, with 10 junks available. Rates start at $100 US all inclusive with transfer from Hanoi. If you prefer to only do a day cruise then Hailong Junks offers 20 different day boats to choose from. This is one of the most reliable tour operators in Halong Bay.

Bhaya Cruises is one of the best family friendly luxury junk operators. They have 7 vessels to choose from with daily departures from Hanoi. You can choose from 1 or 2 night tours with stops at the beautiful Cat ba islands. They also offer private boat rents for families. They offer a kid’s menu as well as child size life jackets. Children under 6 are free and there is a discount for kids ages 6-12 (sharing room with parent).

Paloma Cruise offers family suites that can sleep a family of 3 (2 adults and 1 child). Children’s discounts available for children under 12.

Emotion Cruise offers a family suite cabin with connecting door. One room has a double bed and the other has 2 single beds. This Halong Bay boat can sleep a family of 4. It also has a private balcony.

Victory Star Cruise is a luxury Halong junk with family connecting cabins that can sleep a family of 4. It also has triple cabins available with 1 double and 1 single bed.

Classic Sail is another option for families that travel to Halong Bay. It offers interconnecting double family rooms that can sleep a family of 4.

If you are looking for a private charter then check out Prince I Cruise as it has 2 deluxe cabins (one double, one triple) and can sleep a family of 5. Or the Bhaya Legend II has 2 suites that can sleep a family of 4.

If you are traveling in a large group you will easily find junks available for a private tour. When my family visited Vietnam we had 9 of us in a group and we were able to have a private junk at a very reasonable price. We went on the Bai Tu Long Junk and had an amazing time. The rooms are double rooms only so we split up the kids with an adult. The rooms were very small with 2 narrow but very comfortable twin beds.

The staff were wonderful. It was my daughters 7th birthday so we arranged to have a cake and the captain came out and presented it to her along with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Our family travel to Halong Bay was the highlight of our visit to Vietnam.