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1. Can I order meals to fit my special dietary requirements?

If you require a special diet or if you need to have special food items available aboard ship, please notify the Special Services department at least one month before sailing. Special Dietary equests such as salt-free or vegetarian foods should be reconfirmed with the maitre d’cruise.

2. Will my hair dryer, razor or appliances work on board?

Vietnamese style electrical sockets are available in all suites. If you have any questions about the appropriate place to plug in shavers, hair dryers, etc., please ask your cabin attendant.

3. What does the ""reservation deadline expired" message mean ?

When booking online, reservations for same-day check-in must be confirmed by 4:00p.m. (hotel's local time). For last-minute reservations, please call the hotel directly. The contact information for each hotel can be found on the hotel's specific summary page.

4. How to Pay Online?

Instructions to pay online with
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB Card

We connect with OnePAY Payment Gateway to accept Online Card Payment ( All of your card information are processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard. Your card information will not be stored at our system (merchant) but MasterCard with internation security standard.

After you have choosen to pay us online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB Card, you will make the online payment through the following steps:

1. Card type selection:
The payment gateway interface will appear as below for you to select the card type you are going to pay with:

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) will begin with

2. Card Information Input
To make the payment, you will input the following card information:
o    Card Number
o    Expiry Date
o    Security Code – CVV, CVC
o    Billing address (Card holder’s address which has been registered with the Issuer Bank)
o    Online payment password (If you have enrolled 3D- Secure Program for your card with the Issuer Bank namely Verified by Visa for Visa card, MasterCard Secure Code for MasterCard, and J- Secure for JCB Card ).

Click PAY.

3. Transaction Result
You will be asked to wait for some seconds for the transaction result from OnePAY payment gateway. Then, we will send you an email to inform you the Order status and the transaction result.


In some cases, your transaction may be not successful due to:
-    In correct card information
-    Not enough credit balance (daily or monthly)
-    Your card has not been activated for online payment. You should contact the Issuer Bank for the card activation.

In case you input correct card information but you did not receive the transaction result from the payment gateway or from us. Please do not try to make other payment. Contact us to get the transaction result and confirmation of the Order

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(Merchant’s support contact)